I recently purchased my second Battlefoam bag and wow is it great. I got the PACK 432 with a custom set of inserts. This bag is for my X-Wing collection and it should hold enough for me to play with a for a long time. I broke the set down into four layers. First a set of plano storage boxes for all the counters. Second layer is blank pluck foam so I can expand my collection when new models come out that need different foam configurations. The third layer is the Empire layer. I customer designed it on Battlefoam’s website and although its not as efficient as some of their designs it gives me what I want. The fourth layer is the alliance layer. Again not as efficient but lots of ships and extra space for ship bases.

The other Battlefoam bag I got was also a 432. It was the original design so its not as slick as this one. Some improvements they made was the zipper that follows around two sides (its much easier to move the foam), a better gripping handle, and the nylon for the bag is of a higher quality. Check out Battlefoam for a great range of products with a lot of customizability. Its not cheap but the quality is there.

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We often hear about the incredible variety of vending machines in japan that dispense everything from hot meals and new phones to clean undies, but this is the first time we’ve read about a giant vending machine specifically designed to replace an entire grocery store.

The village of Clifton, Derbyshire, England lost its local shop 14 years ago, which meant that when residents needed something as simple as a pint of milk, they had to drive over two miles simply to reach the nearest supermarket. Local electrical engineer Peter Fox invented this marvelous machine to replace his village’s long-absent convenient store.

The faux brick exterior and awning give the modern automatic shop a traditional feel. “The machine, which contains chiller compartments, stocks essentials such as bread, milk, eggs, toiletries, pet food – and umbrellas. Residents select their items, pay by cash or credit card and take the goods from the dispenser.”

Mr Fox thoughtfully designed the machine so that it can dispense a wide variety of products regardless of their respective weight or delicacy.

"It works by lifting a small basket up to each shelf before a mechanism pushes out the desired product.That way it only has a small distance to travel, preventing milk bottles from bursting or eggs from smashing."

The machine is also linked to a website which allows villagers to check stock availability before they even leave the house. 

Visit to learn more about this Peter Fox’s awesome automatic shop.

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And that’s how you get a familiar.

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i want there to be an angel that descends from the heavens only when someone is being stupid

and the angel just gently places their hand over the person’s mouth

and whispers in a voice filled with heavenly beauty and love











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Jason Borders



Bats are so underrated ugh. So cute

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The Kobold and the Dragon 





The bane of mid-level adventurers can be ever so cute.

That took an unexpected twist

The Rust Monster! Totes adorbs.

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